Erika Xiomara Reyes is a NYC based Actress, Singer, and Dancer. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, she has always had a passion for telling stories with her heart and soul, and now being a professional she gets to do that everyday and could not be more thankful!

Throughout high school Erika started spending her summers with NYC's Broadway Artists Alliance, where she met and got to work with Caissie Levy (Broadway's Frozen, Wicked), Kaitlyn Shaw (Tara Rubin Casting), Jeremy Jordan (Broadway's Newsies, and the CW's Supergirl) .She moved to New York right after graduating high school to attend CAP 21 Conservatory for Musical Theatre. There she received an intensive study of music, dance, vocal studies, and acting techniques from Hagen, Stanislovski, Meisner, Chekov, and more. After graduation in 2016 she continued studying acting with her private coaches  Larry Arancio and Alex Gemignani as well as acting for tv/cinema and comedy at UCB, The Growing Studio, (and more)  She signed with with a manager in New York and began to work in many different projects onstage and on screen in New York, while developing stronger relationships with casting offices with constant auditions.        

Erika currently splits her time in New York with her partner Gideon and at home in LA with her dad and Abuelita. She's auditioning and currently looking for a new set of representation to move her in this new direction of her career.

When she is not trying to get her face on a screen near you, she's probably playing with her dog Winnie, doing yoga, or laughing with my family & friends over a cryptic horror movie. 




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