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Originally from Burbank, CA, Erika began acting, singing, and dancing at the age of 8. She has always had a passion for telling stories and decided at an early age to pursue it professionally.


Throughout her adolescence Erika started spending her summers in NYC training and working with various Musical Theatre and TV/Film professionals, which led to her decision to go to move to New York and attend Cap 21 Conservatory for 2 years at age 17. While in Conservatory, she received an intensive study of music, dance, vocal studies, and acting techniques from Hagen, Stanislovski, Meisner, Shakespeare, Musical Theatre, Chekov, and more. After graduation in 2016 she continued studying acting for the screen and stage with her private coaches  Larry Arancio and Alex Gemignani as well as acting for tv/cinema and comedy at UCB, One on One, John Markland at The Markland Studio, Geoffrey Blake's Working Actor Studio and more). She continues to train with her Private Vocal Coach Amanda Flynn and Aimee Steele as well as continuously attending dance and yoga classes in the city to keep her training in tact. She freelances with a manager in Los Angeles and continues to work in many different projects onstage and on screen in New York and Los Angeles, while developing stronger relationships with casting offices with auditions.        

Erika currently splits her time in New York with her fiancé (AH!) Gideon and at home in LA with her dad and Abuela. She's  currently looking for a new representation to move her in this new direction of her career. Among the pandemic she has begun to pursue filmmaking and is currently developing a narrative short-to-feature film about her neighborhood in Queens. 

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"Artist, Don't pose. Be." 

life is beautiful in the moments. And that is what we capture on film.